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megburden's Journal

Meg Burden
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Hi! I'm Meg Burden. I write young adult fiction and raise Siamese cats. Sometimes I find myself typing on the cats, but I haven't tried to feed kitty treats to my laptop. (...Yet.)

My debut YA fantasy novel, NORTHLANDER (Tales of the Borderlands, Book One), was published by Brown Barn Books in October, 2007. Northlander's page at the Brown Barn site is here. I'm delighted and honored that Northlander won the YA Book of the Year Award (gold medal) from ForeWord Magazine, was an International Reading Association Notable Book, and a 2007 Cybils Award finalist! The sequel to Northlander, THE KING COMMANDS (Tales of the Borderlands, Book Two), was released in April, 2010.

NORTHLANDER is available to order on Amazon.com here. THE KING COMMANDS is available to order on Amazon.com here.

My writing website is at www.megburden.com, and there's a fan page for The King Commands on Facebook right here.

After taking a hiatus to have a baby, my current work-in-progress, FAIRYTALE, is a post-apocalyptic YA fantasy fairytale retelling. What happens when princesses wake from a hundred-year sleep, but there's no happily ever after?

I'm actively seeking literary representation.

About me: I'm twenty-eight. Female. Married. Geek. Writer. Fangirl. Addicted to coffee and Diet Coke. I wear blue jeans every day. I prefer chocolate to vanilla, raspberries to strawberries, and don't care for nuts, which is funny since my college mascot was a squirrel. I graduated from college the day before my eighteenth birthday, then took a year off before going to graduate school and worked as a waitress and bartender. My iPod is red. And I probably shouldn't admit this, but my socks rarely match.

I'm on Twitter! @megburden